Beyond the TLLP–Our Next Steps

One of the wonderful things about the TLLP (and there are truly many) is that participants are encouraged to continue their learning. Because we started our project later than intended (November instead of September), we knew we’d continue our pursuit of Makerspace/Design Thinking knowledge into the upcoming school year; we just didn’t feel done. But do we ever feel “done” with learning? Aren’t we always reconstructing our knowledge from new experiences? With this thought, September brings us new challenges.

  1. We purchased online courses here┬áthat we can take at our own pace whenever we are ready. I can’t give any feedback on them yet, but rest assured, I’ll be posting a review when I have completed them. We focussed on maker ed and literacy here.
  2. Three of us are participating in this collaborative online course in the fall via Harvard Graduate School of Education where we will create instructional resources centered around maker ed.
  3. I am going to focus on Design Thinking in my classroom this year where students will be empowered to problem-solve using the design process method that we pursued via the TLLP. More on this to come as I blog about successes and failures.
  4. We will be presenting at BIT17 and will be offering the opportunity to immerse in maker ed at Minds on Media there as well.

Want to learn more about maker ed and design process? Reach out to us–we love to talk about it!